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09/04/2014 Milk Price Update: There is no change to the base manufacturing milk price. It stays at 39cpl including Vat for March milk supplies.
24/03/2014 URGENT: Only milk 3 days old or less will be collected on 1st April. Any milk not suitable for processing will not be picked up.
21/03/2014 Visit our new 'Milk Quality' page for management advice on dealing with seasonal issues that can effect milk quality. Click here to visit.
14/03/2014 Invite: High fertility/high profit farm walk - Tom & Norma Walsh, Baunmore, Johnstown, Kilkenny. Wed 19 March@11am. All welcome. Click here to read more.
13/02/2014 Get 2014 off to a good start – read our supplier alert that includes key quality reminders for all Glanbia suppliers. Click here to read more.
13/02/2014 Our cell check tip of the month will be of help to all suppliers and for February focuses on antibiotics. Click here to read more.
12/02/2014 SUPPLIER ALERT: The milk withdrawal time for Tetra Delta milking cow tubes has changed. Milk must now be withheld for 108 hours following treatment.
04/02/2014 Glanbia farmer shareholders and GIIL milk suppliers are invited to attend a series of Information Meetings commencing 10 February. Click here for more info
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